What makes Axile the #1 seller over brands like DMG, Hermle, Okuma, Mazak and others?  The answer lies in our technology, construction and economy of price.  We are the preeminent choice in Europe and the Far East for Die/Mold, Aerospace and Aircraft manufacturers. We are now being offered for the first time in the USA.

Axile is the #1 consumer of Heidenhain components in Taiwan and the 6th largest consumer of Heidenhain in the world.  We have been building machine tools for industry since 1979 and the Axile 5-Axis Brand for over 14 years.

Axile is the machine of choice for companies like MTU,  a European first tier supplier for Inconel and Titanium aviation components. We have been building machine tools for industry since 1979 and 5-Axis for over 10 years.

The Axile machine is technologically superior to any 5-Axis product in the world.  We have integrated our machine tool with sensor technology and proprietary algorithms that make us more accurate, more productive, and our construction technology makes us more rigid and produces better tool life.


Here are some of the features included in our “Smart Technology” that set us apart:

  • Advanced Tool Tip Control – “TPC”  is a direct displacement and real-time monitoring technology
  • Metal Removal Rate Optimization – “MRRO”  provides maximal metal removal rate, cutting force and chatter free machining
  • Axial Accuracy Control – “AAC” machine thermo monitoring and compensation technology
  • Spindle Vibration Supervision – “SVS”  spindle vibration and real-time control technology
  • Reliability Maintenance – “RM”  predictive maintenance algorithm
  • Energy Management – “EM” an ISO14955 eco friendly technology
  • Manufacturing Process – “MP”  a product and production planning technology
  • Kinematics provides embedded compensating functions that allow for tilted working plane maximal accuracy
  • Our crash prevention technology is second to none in the industry

Here are some of the construction features that set us apart:

  • Robust Meehanite bridge style casting technology
  • Spindle Movement on 3 robust linear guideways
  • Dual Torque Motor Trunnion Table built by Kessler in Germany, provides better acceleration, no backlash requirements and no maintenance
  • Our Trunnion is never the determining factor in cycle time.  It’s speed surpasses the other 3-axes of machine movement, unlike other machines that have serious trunnion lag
  • Our Kessler table provides for much higher table loads
  • Kessler Table allows for Mill/Turn capability
  • The use of Heidenhain rotary  scales guarantee maximum accuracy for the trunnion
The features and benefits of Axile technology are superior. Our economical price seals the deal.

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